Annual Report

Beyond Communications positions itself as the Mauritian communications agency of choice when it comes to getting support on annual report projects. From strategic support to layout, including copywriting and design, we are your most valued partner!

What methodology does Beyond Communications use for annual reports?

  • Strategic support: identifying the structure of the report, choosing the information to be communicated
  • Proposing a graphic line based on the proposed or approved theme
  • Conceptualising and designing the annual report
  • Creating and designing graphical elements: diagrams, graphs, tables and other figures
  • Writing content and proofreading texts
  • Laying out all final versions of texts
  • Following up with the printers
  • Designing and developing the digital version of the annual report

An annual report is not just a financial document, it is a company’s ultimate corporate communication tool. It regroups the firm’s annual accounts, audit report, as well as all of its strategic information, ranging from the decisions to the actions implemented throughout the year. With the emergence of Integrated Reporting, which is becoming increasingly important in the corporate sphere, companies are going beyond simple financial analysis to rethinking the ways in which they must present their information. They must disclose their financial, but also environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, all the while explaining how they use different assets to create long-term value for their stakeholders.

The annual report is thus a document of strategic importance for shareholders. It entails meticulous, long-term work, carried out over a short period of time. The annual report must be sent to shareholders within 4 months of the closing date of the financial year and a minimum of 21 days before the annual general meeting. Like any communication tool, the annual report must align with the company’s branding and strategic positioning, but also be particularly digestible… The way in which the information is presented is therefore essential. This comprises the structure of the annual report, its graphic line, the design of the graphical elements and the layout.

Beyond Communications is not just a corporate communications agency that develops positioning strategies and creates a variety of communication tools! Its communicants have extensive experience in their respective fields, as well as a deep knowledge of the business world and all the challenges faced by 21st -century companies. If the annual report is an extremely complex, one-of-a-kind communication project, it has no secrets for our experts in corporate communications, who also have a good understanding of financial communication. They are aware of the imperatives imposed by Integrated Reporting and work with a selection of Mauritian companies listed on the stock market every year, helping them successfully complete this tedious reporting exercise. From strategic thinking, including the structure of the annual report, to the layout, content writing and design, Beyond Communications is often picked as the partner of choice amongst various other Mauritian communications agencies. Our communications agency brings together strategists, corporate writers and graphic designers who are always well-informed on current graphic trends and who have a good understanding of financial communication.

The assistance provided by Beyond Communications throughout annual report projects can be global or specific. We can offer companies A to Z annual report services, or simply propose our designing skills & expertise to lay out existing texts. Many team members from our little communications agency are involved throughout an annual report project: a project manager who takes care of all the following-up work and attends all strategic meetings; a copywriter who writes all texts or simply proofreads existing ones; a graphic designer who develops a graphic line and creates a graphic model that aligns with the client’s brief; a Mac operator responsible for the layout of texts and figures; and a production manager who liaises with the printer. This creative team works in close collaboration throughout the whole annual report project, which usually lasts between 3 to 6 months, depending on the project’s scale size and the kind of support requested by the different listed companies.

Should we start?

Long working hours, fatigue, stressful situations are all synonymous with annual reports. Though such projects entail great effort, Beyond has the expertise and enthusiasm to carry them out from start to finish so that you don’t have to walk this road alone!