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Beyond Communications offers article writing and content writing services with translation and proofreading for all kinds of supports and platforms, thanks to its team of communications experts who are passionate about reading and writing.

What is the methodology used by Beyond Communications when it comes to content writing?

  • Understanding the client’s request for copywriting services
  • Choosing a writing style and adapting the tone of voice of the message to the client’s target audience
  • Defining the content’s structure
  • Analysing existing, and looking for additional, information
  • Proceeding to writing the content and proofreading

In recent years, the notion of brand content has taken more prominence. It has shaken up the misconceptions about corporate communications which, until recently, was limited to the company’s logo, business cards, and at best a few brochures, products or services. 

Brand content encompasses all the information and stories of what the company does, more importantly what it is. It reinforces its brand image, affirms its strategic positioning and improves its reputation, all the while fostering positive feelings about the brand in the eyes of its target market. It is about better understanding the brand and presenting its commercial offering by going beyond simply advertising. Brand content provides interesting information to the company’s different audiences, without focusing on its commercial offering, its products or services. It involves the company putting itself in its customers’ shoes to create quality content, which can even be somewhat informal in some cases.

Brand content is mainly editorial and can take different forms, including magazines, newsletters, flyers, brochures, blog articles… The communication tool the company wishes to use to communicate its different messages to its different target audiences will determine the type of content that will be developed, as well as the style and tone of voice that will be adopted throughout the article. It is important to understand that the right words need to be used so as to foster a good brand image – it is about communicating in a style and tone of voice adapted to the target market. 

Beyond Communications regroups a team of passionate writers who love to read and write, and who take great care to read, proofread, write and rewrite content, so as to exceed their clients’ expectations at all times. Our skilled copywriters and translators believe in the power of words and strive to always use the correct formulations, the right sentence structure, the appropriate tone of voice and the most efficient writing techniques to communicate their clients’ brand messages effectively. Our creatives strive to understand each client’s brand universe to produce content that will help them communicate strategically and hence stand out from their competitors. Our content writers do not only write the content from bullet points, they analyse, conduct research and create emotional content that will strengthen the relationship between the brand and its target market.

Let’s collaborate for content writing services in Mauritius ;)

In English or in French, no matter the type or the amount of texts, Our content writers can write you something in all kinds of the tone of voice, be it professional, fun or both!

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