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Beyond Communications offers A to Z video production services, ranging from the design to the creation and editing of videos, to meet all kinds of communication objectives.

What is Beyond Communications’ methodology when creating videos?    

  • Understanding the client’s needs in terms of video(s)
  • Conducting a benchmark exercise to identify videos of similar companies/products & services/brands
  • Preparing a script and a storyboard
  • Looking for videos available on an image bank or briefing the videographer
  • Recording the different voiceovers
  • Editing the video
Video EasyCompta

Nous avons le plaisir de vous dévoiler la vidéo corporate de EasyCompta :, réalisée par Beyond Communications en collaboration avec Navitas Corporate Services ! Au menu : rédaction du script, conception, animation & montage :)Pour toutes vos demandes concernant nos services vidéos, contactez-nous sur

Posted by Beyond Communications on Thursday, 12 December 2019

For a smarter tomorrow.Avec un climat des affaires en constante évolution, il est vital de toujours s’adapter et d’innover. Notre avenir repose sur notre capacité à innover et à offrir des solutions sur mesure qui répondent aux besoins d’une clientèle de plus en plus sophistiquée. C’est ainsi que nous nous réinventons.#SBMBank #Contest

Posted by SBM Bank Mauritius on Sunday, 17 November 2019

Videos have become essential audio-visual communication tools in today’s world, widening companies’ target reach, especially thanks to the different broadcasting channels that are available to diffuse videos, but also arousing their publics’ interest to a greater extent. It’s no secret that putting words and images together in motion to create the perfect video is going to attract people’s attention far easily than focusing solely on one or the other. Distribution channels are also easier and cheaper to use with the emergence of social media, which means videos benefit from a very good exposure – especially with YouTube counting some billion views a day, while subscribers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are constantly growing. Sharing a video on social media thus has a strong viral potential and provides companies with an opportunity to reach their target market through sponsored posts. Internet users are very fond of audio-visual content and often find themselves sharing brand content on their personal pages if they find the information is original and interesting enough. With a single click, videos can easily go viral, reaching the four corners of the world in minutes!

2minutes - Témoignage José Ah Choon

Avez-vous 2 minutes pour vous informer ? Avec lui, ça va percuter ! Qui ? - Joe, ancien toxico, aujourd’hui clean depuis 33 ans et Directeur du Centre d’Accueil de Terre Rouge. Il dit « carré-carré » ce qu’est l’univers de la drogue chez nous. #2minutes #cimfinance #cimgroup #AdsuEducationCell

Posted by 2 minutes on Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Here is a brief glimpse into our collective #medical and #wellness project lead by IBL Life. Together we can make a difference.#bluelife #bloomage #ibllife #ibltogether

Posted by IBL Together on Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Videos aren’t always advertising spots. They can serve different purposes, enabling companies using them to meet several of their communication objectives, whether external or internal. Externally, videos are considered an interesting communication tool to boost a brand’s presence on social media and communicate information that is difficult to transcribe visually. Internally, videos are perfect to share information about a company – its financial results, or the different events it hosts or attends every year for example –, in order to bring its employees closer together.  Videos can take a variety of different forms, ranging from a short teaser lasting a few seconds only to an informational audio-visual content of over a minute. Videos are very effective to promote the relationship between a brand and its audience, as well as to reinforce target markets’ positive feelings towards the company.

At Beyond Communications, our Branding & Design and content writing teams, along with our Community Managers, provide A to Z video production services to meet all our clients’ communications objectives. Our communicants work on the script and storyboard that will effectively contribute to promoting the company’s message, they are committed to providing a storytelling version of that message, which will then be illustrated with videos shot under our agency’s artistic direction or selected from an image bank. Once the storytelling, script and storyboard have been approved, along with the proposed images, our creative team gets to work producing the video. This involves looking for existing videos, briefing the videographer, recording the different voiceovers and, eventually, editing the video.

Le groupe TNS Tobacco devient APTIS

D'une entreprise de distribution, TNS Tobacco est devenu un groupe au fil des ans avec 4 entreprises et plus de 200 employés. Nous avons eu le plaisir d'accompagner le groupe dans un grand exercice de rebranding pour répondre à ses ambitions d'évolution. Nous vous invitons à regarder cette vidéo réalisée par notre équipe et diffusée lors de la soirée de lancement de la nouvelle identité qui s'est tenue hier soir... :)

Posted by Beyond Communications on Friday, 8 March 2019

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In our digital world where time is a luxury and patience a virtue that only a few can afford, combining images, sound and texts is ideal to present your company, your products & services, your employees... in a fun and interesting way. Let us assist you!