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A famous writer arrives in Mauritius

Writer Mauritius Nielsen

Successful thriller writer, John-Erich Nielsen moved to Mauritius in 2020. In love with the island and its inhabitants, the novelist decided to present Mauritians with the first books of a long series of investigations featuring his flagship character, Inspector Sweeney.

That’s when we came into play! In February 2021, John-Erich calls on Beyond Communications to help launch his books in Mauritius.

Challenge: Creating the buzz around detective literature and initiating reading enthusiasts to this literary genre.


  • Press relations
    • Writing content for, and disseminating, three press releases
    • Liaising with journalists to organise interviews on the radio and in the press
    • Media monitoring
  • Social media
    • Facebook

Following their first meeting with the writer, our PR Executive and Digital Project Manager waste no time in getting started! While our PR Executive tackles the monthly press releases, our Digital Project Manager and his team get on with the digital strategy.

Our colleagues work together to ensure harmonious communication. From John-Erich Nielsen’s atypical background and his books full of suspense to the reason why he came to Mauritius, all press actions are replicated accordingly on social media, illustrated with beautifully colourful visuals.

This com’ operation also aims to introduce John-Erich’s next opus, which will take place – #SpoilerAlert – in Mauritius. A first! #StayTuned

With no less than 7 articles in the Mauritian press and over 700 Facebook followers in only a few weeks, the interest for our client keeps growing. Intrigued? Join us now!


Murder on the green, the first of seventeen Scottish thrillers

Amanda Nelson is dead… She was the mistress of Will Tyron Jr, the world’s number 1 golfer. And the daughter of General Boyle, a military advisor to the former President of the United States. Passion surrounds this woman… Too much passion: she was found buried in a bunker at St Andrews Golf Course, her head bashed in…

I still shiver when I think back on the start of the investigation… I was quite far from imagining at that time that the investigation would lead me from the Scottish coast, through Georgia and the mugginess of the American South, to a wind-beaten Irish Moor. And how could I have expected what was going to happen there? My goodness! It was going to be a test of my mettle…”

Available at Super U (Tamarin), Presse Book (Tamarin), London (Black River), Intermart (La Croisette) and Atelier Littéraire (Port Louis).