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Digital communication in times of crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has marked history forever, changing everyone’s habits, including that of the people evolving in the corporate world.

While it brought about many challenges for numerous companies, it also enabled others to boost their activities and visibility through good communication strategies.

Carrying on communicating

If taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic seems impossible for some companies, this health crisis does present an opportunity to reinvent their profession as well as their communication.

It’s about creating or adopting new ways of working, leveraging digital actions to reach clients differently. Instead of thinking “budget cuts”, companies should take advantage of this health crisis to adapt their marketing objectives.

Increasing the visibility of your brand, creating engagement around your content, retaining your brand ambassadors, strengthening ties with your community, informing stakeholders of changes that occurred within your company, or raising awareness of the current health crisis amongst your audience, are examples of initiatives used by digital experts to boost their clients’ visibility.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok, are reliable and powerful tools to attract clients and reach your goals.

Beyond Communications: your digital partner

In this time of crisis, many opportunities arise for businesses looking to work on their communication. And digital communication is the key to reaching a large number of people more quickly – especially given the time most internet users spend browsing social media when in lockdown. Over 490 million new users around the world joined one or more social media platforms in 2020 alone!

To carry out an effective digital communications campaign, proven digital expertise is required. As a communications agency, we must provide our clients with a selection of digital services, ranging from advertising campaigns and email marketing to the revamp of web and e-commerce sites, SEO referencing and Adwords advertising, as well as social media management on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok.

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