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Instagram/TikTok: Are they worth using in my line of work?

Instagram and TikTok keep getting popular amongst young users. These two mobile apps have clearly outpassed other social media platforms during the health crisis, recording unprecedented usage rates since March 2020.

The question is, how can these two flagship apps be of interest to corporate actors?

Instagram to boost your communication

With over 25 million visits on a monthly basis, Instagram is a social media platform with an undeniably good reputation!

Today, many companies use this mobile app to illustrate their activities with elegant or stylish images and videos. They understand the successful impact of Instagram in showcasing the creativity of their company, products & services or teams.

Instagram offers the opportunity to create a professional account with powerful analysis tools. Adding stories is a bonus, allowing professionals to optimise their presence on the social network,” explains Ismaël Dinally, Digital Project Manager at Beyond Com’.

TikTok for everyone!

Though not yet very popular amongst corporates, TikTok presents real opportunities to promote your business online – especially with a young audience!

The social media platform mainly targets young people aged 16 to 24 but anyone can actually become an influencer on TikTok, as the quality of the content is the only thing that matters.

The difference between TikTok and more “traditional” social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram is the tone used, which is lighter and much more focused on humour. It is also the perfect tool to reach a younger audience.

With TikTok, engagement can be very strong! As soon as content is posted, it can quickly get hundreds or thousands of views, even millions in the best cases! No need to have a very large marketing budget to get noticed – but you do have to bank on originality! Videos that stand out are a winner on this platform,” details Ismaël.

Beyond Com’, at your service!

At Beyond Communications, social media is one of our specialties!

A minimum of 4 people will be dedicated to managing your Instagram or TikTok account: a Digital Project Manager, a Digital Strategist, a Digital Copywriter and a Digital Graphic Designer.

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