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Press Relations: A key aspect of your communication

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You’re a company or individual looking to promote a product and/or service? Think press relations!

Press releases and conferences, interviews and opinion pieces, are useful tools to ensure the success of your press relations strategy, putting you in both local and international journalists’ top of mind.

Afraid of the press and what it might say about your company? It’s a shame! Being seen and recognised in the press allows you to gain legitimacy and credibility; once your messages are relayed by journalists, it means you’re reliable.

Often neglected, press relations are a valuable communications tool – whether they’re used to announce the launch of a product, to share a company’s financial results, or to restore its tarnished image. Sometimes, press relations are used to put forward the company’s different expertises (employee profiles), or its general know-how. Press releases are an essential tool which I use on a daily basis. They help me increase the visibility of my clients while building solid relationships with a large network of journalists. And this definitely pays off! Not only are people talking about you, your company and/or your products & services, they also remember you! This is why press relations should be used over the long term,” explains Magali Kinzonzi, PR Executive at Beyond Communications.

How does it work in practice?

It all starts with the development of a clear PR strategy. We first need to identify the final target audience, before drafting the press release, adopting the relevant tone-of-voice and jargon of the chosen industry.

The next step involves sharing the press release with the appropriate media and journalists, who often specialise in the said field; economy, politics, sports, environment, lifestyle… The more precise the targeting of media and journalists, the more likely the information is to be picked up and disseminated in the relevant newspapers and magazines.

Last but not least, following up with the relevant actors is key to ensure the success of a press relations campaign! Not only does it generate interest amongst journalists, who are often overworked, it also “humanises” the press release.

I have a detailed list of contacts, which I regularly update to ensure dynamic press coverage for all my clients. A press book comprising all articles released on the client is then shared at the end of the collaboration, or about three times a year for monthly contracts,” adds Magali.

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