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Let’s go #green!

Beyond Communication Team

1 – For every takeaway meal you order, your Tupperware box, katora or other container, you shall bring.

Whether it’s some dumplings from Selven snack, a bowl of mines bwi from Ti Couloir, or Safron Grill’s famous butter chicken, it tastes even better without Styrofoam! Consider bringing along your own containers – what’s more, it’s Covid friendly ?

2 – For each working day that ends, the lights and aircon you shall turn off.

What, you thought electricity grew on Baobabs!? Before rushing off at 5:01pm, trying to absolve yourself of any responsibility, take a few seconds to make sure everything is under control.

3 – For all daily strolls you take, our #vintage bikes you shall use!

The pretty bikes stationed outside the office are not only decorative objects, you can actually use them to get around. So be the belle (or beau!) of the ball and hop on this super stylish competition bike. What with your fellow Instagramers always on the ready, you might even benefit from a nice pic to satisfy your followers! #TheySeeMeRollin’

4 – For all kinds of waste you throw away, the appropriate bins you shall fill.

Though it may seem a bit complicated at first, you will soon be unstoppable – promise! All you have to do is separate the plastic from the cardboard and paper, and you’re done! When in doubt, ask one of our experts ?

5 – For all car rides you take, carpooling you shall favour.

It’s a whole lot better to sing, laugh or even whine as a group, rather than alone in the Port Louis traffic. So find yourself a travel companion and develop your social skills! Not only will you save the planet, you’ll also make a new #BFF!

6 – For the 316-page document you want to print, about digital alternatives you shall think.

What’s the point of having a state-of-the-art computer if you can’t even read a document on your 27-inch high-definition screen? It’s 2020 for crying out loud! Paper is so outdated, digital is the new black! 

7 – Plastic bottles you shall forget, your Beyond water bottle is a sure bet!

It’s beautiful, resistant, keeps water fresh and can even be used as a weapon! #AllInOne

8 – For each mail you send, about digital pollution you shall think.

Going digital, sure! But remember, pollution is not only on Mauritian streets – it’s also on your computer. Did you know sending 20 emails a day pollutes as much as travelling 100 Kms by car? You may answer customers’ emails, of course (don’t be rude man!), but do #ThinkTwice before copying Peter, Paul and James as well…

9 – Aware of your ecological influence, you shall spread the word all around you!

If good practices could spread as fast as Mauritian gossip, the world would be saved! Feel free to share with your peers the super tips of your favourite com’ agency! #SharingIsCaring

10 – If none of these commandments you respect, your colleagues Annabelle, Marie-Laure and Edith you shall flee.

Our local Greta Thunberg have more than one trick up their sleeves! Beware to anyone who dares to bypass the commandments!