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Rebranding my company: Do I need professional help?

It is a well-known fact, a company’s communications strategy is bound to change and evolve over time.

Today, more and more companies are looking to make a major strategy shift by conducting a rebranding exercise. Rebranding becomes an essential component for companies wishing to refresh their marketing or communications strategies, or simply to reposition the brand in the eyes and minds of a specific target market.

Let’s see what we mean when talking about rebranding.

What is a rebranding exercise?

When we talk about rebranding, we usually mean updating a brand’s graphic codes by revamping its visual identity and various communications tools; packaging, business cards, website… It also includes the redesign of the brand’s logo, often a bit old school and thus not modern enough. But all this obviously cannot happen overnight! 

Asking a Graphic Designer friend to create or review your logo can be helpful over the short-term, but entrusting your project to a communications agency can benefit your brand even more in the long run.

Conducting a (re)branding exercise with Beyond Com’

Branding has been one of Beyond Com’s greatest strengths ever since its inception in 2013. The agency can easily design a brand universe that allows a company to clearly differentiate itself from its competitors and hence make a (great!) impact on its target market.

Providing brands with an opportunity to go global and giving a company a unique personality, reflected on each and every communication tool – digital or print -, is Beyond Com’s mission. We offer a service that will meet all your expectations!

Our branding department comprises a team of experienced Graphic Designers, a super savvy Art Director, and two very passionate Project Managers. Trust them to assist you, they won’t disappoint ?

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