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Redesigning and laying out Home’s Mauritius new magazine

Homes Magazine Layout Design

Owned and marketed by Smart Media Ltd, Homes Mauritius is a quarterly magazine promoting the latest architectural trends and interior design solutions. It also lists the latest properties for rent and/or sale in Mauritius.

In August 2020, the agency called on Beyond Communications to help modernise its magazine and contribute to its evolution through time.

Challenge: improving the look & feel of an already well-established magazine appreciated by Mauritians, in less than a month.


  • Project management
  • Design
    • Coming up with a new graphic style
    • Preparing the graphic model
  • Layout

With quite a lot to do, Beyond Communications requests the help of 4 of its employees from our branding department. The first one involved is our Project Manager – Com’, tasked to liaise with the client and various internal stakeholders throughout the whole project.

Our colleague’s very first mission is to brief one of our Graphic Designers regarding the conceptualisation of a new graphic style for Homes Mauritius. She starts by studying the previous editions of the magazine and conducting some research, before getting on with the design. She receives the help of our Art Director, who – as her name suggests – takes care of the artistic follow-up and coherence of the project with the client brief.

A few back-and-forths later, our Project Manager – Com’ has in hand a selection of design proposals to present to Homes Mauritius. Once the client has chosen his preferred option and given us the go ahead, we can officially move forward!

While our Graphic Designer and Art Director work on the graphic model, our Project Manager – Com’ collects all necessary visual and textual elements.

Upon completion of these two tasks, our colleagues hand over the project to our Mac Operator, expert in the insertion and placement of the texts and pictures forming the magazine.

A few days later, a first version of the PDF is generated and sent through to the client for approval. This is followed by several back-and-forths between our team and Homes Mauritius, who share their ideas and communicate various changes to be made and other comments to be taken into consideration, in order to obtain a quasiperfect magazine that aligns with the client’s expectations.

Once the magazine has been finalised and approved by Homes Mauritius, our Mac Operator receives the go ahead to get the document ready for printing. For us, it’s the end of the adventure until the next edition of Homes Mauritius in 2021. It’s been a beautifully creative experience, rewarded by the most positive feedback from our new client! #Blessed