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The psychology of colour in branding: Choosing the right palette for your brand’s personality

You’ve heard it time and again from your Arts Teacher, and your designer friends have probably not shut up about it too: Every shade tells a story.

In matters of creative advertising, colour theory isn’t just about paint swatches; it’s an intricate exploration of how colours interact, blend and evoke emotions. Its scope extends far beyond the canvas, allowing artists, designers and even psychologists to understand how colours influence human perception and emotions.

This year, colour theory sent ripples across the world of social media: “For You” pages brimmed with colour theorists partially covering faces with assorted fabrics to determine what really constituted a soft summer versus a cool winter.

At Beyond Communications, our Branding experts know for certain that each hue brings forth a unique set of feelings and associations.

Curious to know more? We asked the creatives from our Branding agency to share some of their favourite projects – encompassing both conceptual brand identities and rebranding ventures – for this blog post.

Orange for Taste Buddies

The zesty hue of orange takes centre stage in the branding of Taste Buddies, a little food tour company embarking Mauritians and foreigners on one-of-a-kind culinary voyages across Mauritius…

At the heart of Taste Buddies lies the celebration of Mauritian food: a rich blend of cultures, flavours and traditions.

The colour orange, with its vibrancy, boldness and invigorating character, embodies the spirit of exploration and adventure, making it a perfect fit for Taste Buddies’ mission.

More than just a colour, it takes on the life of the markets, street food stalls and hidden gems that come alive through the guided tours awaiting food enthusiasts and cultural explorers.

The use of orange is a strategic choice embraced by numerous businesses operating in the food industry worldwide. Brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and Fanta have incorporated the colour orange due to its ability to stimulate appetite and evoke a sense of excitement.

Food and delivery service apps have done the same. Think GrubHub, Just Eat and Skip the Dishes, whose logos’ strategic use of the colour orange reflects energy, excitement and speed, all of which are essential aspects of the food delivery experience.

As part of Taste Buddies’ corporate identity, orange’s vibrant energy mirrors the lively culinary experiences the project offers; just as taste buds are awakened by the diverse flavours of local Mauritian food and drinks, the colour orange awakens curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Teal and Orange for Pro Foncier

We have masterfully orchestrated the duality of teal and orange in Pro Foncier’s rebranding exercise. Each shade infused with purpose, we have consolidated the company’s status as a trusted partner in all real estate matters.

Pro Foncier has been cultivating a legacy of expertise on the Mauritian real estate market for over 30 years.

Teal, a shade that dances between blue and green, holds within it the essence of tranquillity and serenity. It’s a colour that exudes a sense of calm confidence – a crucial aspect in the world of real estate where trust and assurance are paramount.

Orange, on the other hand, ignites a sense of vitality and ambition. In real estate, where dreams morph into tangible realities, orange signifies Pro Foncier’s dedication to turning aspirations into concrete results.

The transition from yellow to the dynamic duo of teal and orange signifies not just a change in colour, but also a transformation that aligns Pro Foncier with its commitment to professionalism, ambition and a comprehensive real estate experience.

Together, the tranquillity of teal and the vibrancy of orange evoke emotional responses that resonate with potential homebuyers, affirming Pro Foncier’s position as a standout player on Mauritius’ competitive real estate market.

Turquoise for Preskil

At our media agency, we embrace artistry with fervour! When it comes to Preskil, a 4-star holiday resort nestled in the south of Mauritius, the transition of the logo design from orange to the enchanting hue of turquoise has been nothing short of transformative.

Preskil’s journey began with a vibrant orange, evoking the warmth of tropical sunsets, the inviting embrace of Mauritian hospitality and the resort’s vibrant spirit.

As the team from our creative branding agency delved deeper into the essence of the hotel, they uncovered a transition that would align the brand identity with the tranquil allure of turquoise. A new chapter in the resort’s story thus began…

For Preskil, this serene shade is an embodiment of the resort’s seaside charm and its promise to whisk guests away to a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Turquoise mirrors the colours of the ocean and sky, resonating with guests seeking a genuine tropical experience and serving as a reminder of the island’s natural beauty.

The colour extends to various touch points across its corporate identity, from logos to stationery, and encapsulates the essence of relaxation, luxury and the island’s allure.

Turquoise evokes the sense of being embraced by the ocean itself, creating an indelible experience for every guest.

With the vibrant tourism industry of Mauritius serving as a backdrop, the use of turquoise reinforces Preskil’s commitment to providing an unforgettable escape and oceanic reverie, aligning its identity with the beauty that makes Mauritius a coveted haven for travellers around the world.

Red for Maureva

At our branding agency, our team of experts has dedicated their creative prowess to rebranding Maureva. From the deep blue and vibrant orange hues, they have meticulously steered the journey towards a captivating new destination: the bold realm of red.

Leading airline software and service solutions provider, Maureva has specialised in the provision of airline financial, commercial, operational and business intelligence solutions for over 20 years.

Often associated with energy, power and passion, red holds a commanding presence in the colour spectrum. It has an innate ability to evoke strong emotions and create a memorable impact.

The colour is known to stimulate excitement and show dynamism, making it an ideal choice for brands looking to stand out and leave a lasting impression.

For Maureva, beyond our team’s reworking of the corporate logo design, the use of red means more than mere aesthetics: it reflects the company’s bold approach to innovation and its commitment to driving change within the aviation sector.

Red also communicates confidence and a pioneering spirit – qualities that resonate strongly with a company at the forefront of technological advancements in the aviation industry.

For example, you may have noticed that some of the world’s leading airlines – the likes of Emirates, AirAsia and Turkish Airlines – have effectively harnessed the power of red in their branding.

The strategic incorporation of the colour red can make a powerful statement about an airline’s values, personality and commitment to passengers.

By harnessing the significance of red, airlines can create a memorable brand identity that captures attention and forges lasting connections with passengers eager to embark on their next adventure.


In a digitally connected world, where social media marketing and online visibility play pivotal roles, the expertise of a creative advertising agency becomes indispensable. This is where the harmony of colours and brand messaging comes alive, telling a story that resonates through every pixel and caption!

The team of experts at our branding agency employs colour psychology to create thumb-stopping visuals, ensuring the brand’s essence is translated seamlessly across platforms.

With a team of creatives spanning the spectrum of advertising marketing agency solutions, we are your most valued partner in crafting compelling brand narratives that capture attention, ignite conversation and drive results.

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