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Allocating your communications budget: A few tips from your favourite com’ agency, so you can use it wisely ?

Marketing Budget

Most companies underestimate their communications budget, which is all too often neglected in a business plan, even though it’s key to a successful development strategy. Companies, large and small, need communication to increase their visibility, stand out from the crowd and win customers over.

How to get your communications budget right? Should you set more money aside when starting your business? How to be sure whether you’ve budgeted too much or too little for your communication? These are frequently asked questions amongst managers of small and large companies alike, who are wary of spending a budget that they assume to be superfluous and prohibitive – especially in times of crisis!

At Beyond Communications, we believe the real value of a communications budget lies not in the amount but rather in how it is used, whatever the circumstances.

What should a company’s communications budget include?

To get a better idea of what your communication investments will represent, here’s a list of things you might consider:

  • Communication endeavours: naming, logo, website, design and production of your communications tools, press relations campaigns, social media…
  • Advertising: the purchase of advertising space (TV, press, radio, billboards) and the promotion of your content on social media, as well as SEO campaigns on Google Ads.
  • The time spent by an agency organising and managing your communications (time is still money!): communications strategy, social media management, website creation and management, media relations, as well as the management of all other communications activities.

Working with Beyond Communications

At Beyond Com’, you’ll find a wide range of skills to help you bring all your communications projects to life! We’re a 360° communications agency offering A to Z services to all kinds of customers.

Beyond Communications also specialises in press relations and social media management services, which both play a crucial role in its strategic thinking.

Entrusting the management of your social media to Beyond? Depending on your needs, a minimum of 4 experts manage your account: a Digital Copywriter, a Digital Graphic Designer, a Community Manager and a Digital Project Manager.

Our activities also include content writing for annual reports, websites, newsletters, blog articles and corporate brochures, amongst others. A bilingual Senior Copywriter is at your service, offering her expertise in both corporate and lifestyle copywriting works.

Last but not least, our branding department supports our customers on a large selection of projects, including brochures, catalogues, newsletters, annual reports, logo design and visual identity creation. Project Managers, Strategists, Graphic Designers and Videographers are all available to help you.

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