Beyond Communications, thanks to its expertise in web and content writing, offers online blog services to optimise its clients’ image in the minds of its target market.

What is Beyond Communications’ methodology when it comes to blog? 

  • Understanding the client’s request for blogging services
  • Analysing the company’s activity sector and the expectations of its audiences when it comes to content
  • Proposing a structure for the blog: rubrics, types of articles…
  • Choosing the writing style and adapting the message’s tone of voice to the target market
  • Preparing quarterly planning for the diffusion of articles
  • Writing articles based on the proposed topics 

As an online communication channel, the blog has become a widely used tool for brands seeking to distinguish themselves, optimise their brand image and their reputation. The blog encourages companies to adopt a writing style that’s less formal, by putting themselves in their audiences’ shoes, thereby fostering positive feelings about the brand in the eyes of its publics. The blog is seen as a communication channel through which brand content is both created and distributed.

The blog is a communication tool with clear advantages for brands wishing to establish an online presence that will generate benefits. It creates qualified traffic on the company’s website and converts that traffic into leads – i.e. it retrieves information about the different visitors of the organisation’s website – while boosting brand awareness. It also improves brand image, thereby creating a relationship between the company and its audience, as it aims to offer interesting information, written in an informal, rather light tone of voice. Additionally, the blog invites companies to create engaging brand content for its target audiences, in order to build loyalty and ultimately turn audience members into customers.

Beyond Communications is a young and dynamic communications agency regrouping brand content experts. Our team of digital natives are always on the lookout for new web trends and know how much of a strength blogs are for companies that want to establish their brand image on the Internet. To this effect, we offer specific blog support in addition to our content writing services. Our digital communications experts and copywriters determine, after a thorough analysis of what the company does and what its products and services are, the ideal structure for the blog, including the different sections under which the created content will be grouped. We define with the client the types of subjects on which s/he would like to communicate, whether they are directly related to the company’s activity sector or detached from the products and services it offers. We also choose the rate at which to share the different articles on the blog and prepare writing and publishing schedules. Once approved, our copywriters get on with the creative writing process, all the while having fun creating quality brand content for the company’s blog.

Need blogging services?

I blog, you blog, they blog… Everyone blogs these days! Beyond invites and helps you to jump on the bandwagon so your business can be as “in” as every other. 1, 2, 3 BLOG!