Beyond Communications helps brands stand out from the crowd by defining their brand positioning strategy: brand communications, logo design, naming, brand concept, communication tools and brand guidelines.

What is Beyond Communications’ working process when it comes to Branding?

  • Conducting internal & external analyses
  • Defining a brand positioning strategy
  • Proposing a brand manifesto
  • Looking for, and proposing, names
  • Designing and proposing logos
  • Creating a visual identity
  • Developing and designing brand guidelines
  • Conceptualising and designing collaterals (communication tools)

Branding comes in from the very beginning, at the company’s inception. If there’s no brand universe or brand positioning strategy, it’s hard to successfully position a brand on the market in the long-term. Companies without a brand positioning strategy have a hard time asserting themselves as brands on the market, which makes it even harder for their target audiences to identify and build a relationship with them. New companies need to do much more than simply positioning themselves among their competitors on the market, they need to stand out from the crowd! To do so, they must tackle the branding exercise. Companies skipping the branding exercise to “save money” are not doing themselves a favour – branding is the key, branding creates value. The money you invest in your brand positioning strategy today will help you earn double tomorrow.

Branding is much more than just a logo and visual identity: it is about creating a brand universe for the company, which comes as a result of a clear and precise, well-thought-out brand positioning strategy, one that reflects the organisation’s product & service offerings, its long-term vision and values. The branding exercise involves an arduous process of analysis to develop the best brand positioning strategy for a specific company. After identifying the business’ strategic position on the market, a brand name must be selected and the brand universe created. This is not just about the logo but about everything that helps the company stand out from its competitors in the eyes of its target market. It comprises the logo and all kinds of graphic elements that make up the brand’s visual identity, as well as its “brand voice”, also known as the brand manifesto. These elements are what creates the brand image, which is how the brand is going to be perceived by its target market and that will determine the emotional connection between the brand and its audience. Branding helps companies to establish themselves a name and create a reputation, to position themselves on the market and build a strong brand image.

Beyond Communications brings together a group of knowledgeable branding and communications experts, who understand the importance of the branding exercise to create value for the brand. We are attentive to our clients’ needs and strive to adopt an approach that will help us meet their expectations on a daily basis. All our branding and rebranding exercises start off with an internal analysis of our clients’ businesses through research and exchange sessions with relevant stakeholders, supported by a benchmarking exercise of similar brands and projects at the local and international levels. These elements help us determine our clients’ positioning strategies and set the tone with a “brand manifesto”. Once approved, our creatives will study and use these elements to create the logo, the visual identity and all the communication tools the company will need to establish and position itself on the market.

Need branding services?

There’s not much in your business’s life as important as your brand identity and reputation. That’s why, at Beyond, we offer an extensive range of branding services to meet your every need! How can we help you today?