Every year, the Collectif Arc-en-Ciel (CAEC) – an NGO fighting against LGBTQ+ discrimination – organises the Pride March, a symbolic event celebrating love, respect and tolerance.

Following the various violence outbreaks against the CAEC in 2018, that prevented the Pride March from taking place, the collective chooses to call on a team of communications experts to launch its 2019 campaign. After sharing our vision and ambitions to the CAEC, Beyond Communications is chosen to work with the NGO on this beautiful project.

Challenge: Changing Mauritians’ perception of the Pride March and making it more accessible to people of all social and cultural backgrounds.


  • Developing a communications strategy
  • Designing the key visual
  • Adapting the concept to the different platforms
  • Press relations
  • Managing social media

It all starts with a kick-off meeting with the CAEC, to understand their needs and expectations, as well as the potential challenges we are likely to face and the deadlines to meet every step of the way. Great news is, they seem to know exactly what they want, which makes things much easier!

Bearing in mind the events that prevented the march from taking place a year earlier, we agree to change its name to the Equality March. The goal? Communicating a more inclusive message and reaching a larger audience.

Following our kick-off meeting with the CAEC, we build ourselves the winning team – a group of colleagues with complementary skills, who’ll be working together on this 360° campaign: Project Manager, Art Director, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, PR Executive and Community Managers. Each of our experts brings something to the table, in order to successfully complete the project.

After a very dynamic brainstorming session with the team, we work on the retro planning and get ready to take on this new challenge. First things first: defining the concept. While our Copywriters think long and hard about the appropriate message to send through to share the campaign’s objective, our Graphic Designers work on a uniquely creative visual that aligns with the collective’s brand universe. In the end, we have ourselves a key visual sporting the colours of the CAEC, on which the symbol “=” reveals itself, supported by the hashtag “MOPOULA”. This concept aims to communicate a positive message of hope, inviting the Mauritian public to attend the event, or at least to respect it.

We then call on the Mauritian media to publicise the event. This task is carefully carried out by our talented and very convincing PR Executive, who knows exactly how to capture journalists’ attention and ensure the information is shared in the press. She writes and disseminates a pre-event press release to explain the transition from the Pride March to the Equality March, and to invite Mauritians to take part in the initiative. As for the post-event communiqué, it aims to inform the Mauritian public on the event’s main outcomes. Needless to say, the CAEC can count on Beyond Communications’ presence on D-Day!


Proudly supporting equal rights for all! :)#GoBeyond

Posted by Beyond Communications on Monday, 3 June 2019

In the meantime, our Community Managers implement a digital campaign to meet the following two objectives:

  1. Communicating important, practical information about the event;
  2. Encouraging participants to show their support for the CAEC on social media.

It’s all about ongoing communication before, during and after the event, notably with a well-fed Facebook page. Great news for Beyond and the CAEC: while many people use the #MOPOULA frame on their profile pictures, the posts see a higher level of commitment. We are delighted!

Communicating on a sensitive topic remains tricky for all communicants. Although very challenging, it was a real pleasure for our team to work for the CAEC. A great opportunity to put our expertise at the service of a cause that’s close to our hearts!