Association Kinouété is a non-governmental organisation working towards the rehabilitation and reintegration of juvenile and adult prisoners during and after their incarceration. It intends to build safer communities and reduce recidivism among its target population.

In 2020, encouraged by an alarming health context, the organisation decided to address the vulnerability of juveniles to contagious diseases like COVID-19 and HIV.

At the end of the same year, the association launched a call for tenders for a communications campaign focused on the prevention of COVID-19 and HIV, targeting adults and minors inside and outside detention centres.

After a first meeting with Beyond Com’, during which objectives are clarified and some ideas presented, Kinouété chooses our team to work on this campaign, scheduled for the beginning of the following year.

Challenge: Creating awareness of specific health issues among a targeted audience.


  • Digital communications strategy
  • Conceptualisation, design and adaptation of the key visual
  • Creation of an educational video
  • Social media management

With services ranging from the production of flyers and posters to the creation of an educational video and the launch of a social media campaign, the Kinouété project requires the input of various experts.

As the campaign gradually takes shape, Mauritius records a new case of Coronavirus after almost 10 months being Covid free, bringing about a second lockdown. Faced with this crisis and concerned about the vulnerability of inmates and ex-prisoners, Beyond Com’ works twice as hard to launch the campaign in record time!

Working from home, our Project Manager, Research & Social Media Specialist, Art Director, Graphic Designer & Quality Controller and Digital Graphic Designer, combine their efforts to bring the Kinouété project to life, always maintaining an active communication with the client.

A few days into the lockdown, the campaign is launched on social media! The team had to address two very different diseases – Coronavirus and HIV – in a fun and creative way, taking into consideration its target audience’s peculiar situation.

The outcome? A happy client, fully satisfied with the concept and execution of the campaign, and an enthusiastic agency, delighted to have contributed to a challenging project!