It’s been 50 years MedActiv – one of the leading pharmaceutical companies on the Mauritian market – has been offering all-inclusive, quality products and services to all its customers. Today, with a total of 7 pharmacies across the island, the company takes on a new challenge with the launch of its new online services, Order & Collect and Upload & Collect. In September 2019, MedActiv calls upon the expertise of Beyond Communications to publicise its new online solutions.

Challenge: Coming up with clear messages to present the brand’s new online services.


  • Project management
  • Key visuals
  • Flyer for one of the two services
  • Video for one of the two services

Our Project Manager tackles this new project with enthusiasm. She is backed by our Art Director, Copywriter and Designers. The objective is to communicate around MedActiv’s two new online services: Order & Collect to order your parapharmacy products without a prescription; and Upload & Collect which involves uploading your prescription online and collecting the medicines at your chosen pharmacy. Two very similar services yet rather different in their approach. It is agreed with MedActiv that the project will be broken down into two phases: communicating exclusively on Order & Collect at first, before promoting both services.

To successfully carry out this project, our team thinks long and hard about the best way to present these two new online services. In the end, we opt for something simple and straightforward. Though it seems like the easy option, it’s actually quite challenging. How to say more with less? Simplicity is actually far from being easy.

For our Copywriter, the key to success lies in sharing her work with the rest of the team to get their insights and fine-tune every little detail. Details make all the difference on this kind of projects, and the pharmaceutical jargon doesn’t make our job any easier!

Our highly creative Graphic Designer creates the illustrations while our Copywriter works on the tagline that will present Order & Collect, keeping in mind the slogan will have to change with the communication around Upload & Collect. A few research & brainstorming sessions later, the visual is ready. What a relief when, after a few back-and-forths, we receive the client’s approval on the first key visual!

It’s now time to get to the design and printing of the flyers, and to adapt the key visual’s format so it fits the windows of the 7 MedActiv pharmacies present across the island. In other words, there’s much to be done!

And it doesn’t stop there! What better way to present Order & Collect to the public than an explanatory video? An animated video will serve to introduce the new service, at the same time answering some of the questions customers might have. What’s more, videos bring dynamism and life to a project. From the storyboard to the montage of graphic elements, everything is designed to make this video as attractive as it is useful. Here again, the challenge is to produce something simple and straightforward yet pleasant.

When the time comes to communicate on Upload & Collect, our Copywriter and Graphic Designer work together to ensure the information is presented clearly, without it being redundant. The two services are almost the same and it is important the audience easily understands the nuance. After a few additional back-and-forths with the client, the visual including both services is also approved.

End result? A beautiful project, a close-knit team and a smiling customer. We are very happy to have worked with MedActiv and helped the company introduce its two new online solutions on the Mauritian market.