Community Management & Social Media Marketing

Beyond Communications is a communications agency that houses a team of digital natives who speak social media on a daily basis and who support their clients in creating and managing their social media marketing. 

How does Beyond Communications manages a company’s social media pages?   
  • Understanding the clients’ needs when it comes to creating and managing their online presence
  • Recommending the right social media platforms to communicate on
  • Defining strategic communications messages for the chosen social media platforms
  • Preparing monthly planning
  • Animating clients’ pages with design, audio-visual and written content
  • Moderating pages by replying to messages and comments
  • Preparing statistical reports on a quarterly basis 

The emergence of digital technologies, especially that of social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter, has shaken up companies’ traditional communication scenarios. Brands using online communications have managed to reach their target market faster, the relationship between the brand and its audience has become direct, with the public becoming the brand’s “community”. This is why we talk about “Community Management”, and it is there that lies the complexity of social media: they offer direct exposure of the brand and invite the audience to express itself freely by interacting with the brand.

Community Management – the management of social media pages – is a communication profession of its own. Because Mauritians spend an average of 6 hours a day on social media doesn’t mean they’re professional Community Managers. To successfully manage a brand’s online presence, Community Managers must be experts in the communications and marketing fields, and possess outstanding writing skills, as well as a keen sense of aesthetics and design. The Community Manager also needs to have deep knowledge of how the different social media platforms work and adapt his/her message to each of them. A company that uses Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to communicate to its target public will change the way it diffuses the same information from one social media platform to the other, whether through written or design content, photos or videos. Managing a company’s communication on social media requires a good understanding of the company itself: what it is, what it does and what it offers to customers, whether products or services, as well as its target market. It’s by using these elements and bits of information that the Community Manager will adapt the format and the content of his/her message to the company’s different social media platforms.

At Beyond Communications, we have a department that’s entirely dedicated to the “digital”, precisely social media management. This digital department comprises a team of qualified social media experts, who spend about 10 hours a day scrutinising and analysing new web trends, especially social media, in terms of technicity and design. These daily analyses enable our Community Managers to adapt the brand communication of their clients to the specific social media platforms used to communicate their messages. To fully understand their clients’ needs and expectations in order to turn them into effective digital actions, our social media experts at Beyond Communications are always in touch with the different brands, gathering information on their clients’ objectives, products and services, mission statement, activity sectors… Community Managers must speak on behalf of their clients’ company, which means they must be able to deal with all messages and comments with accuracy and diplomacy. They strive to understand their audience’s thoughts and behaviour to communicate their clients’ messages in the most effective way.

Need community management services?

Much more than an exposure on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, speaking Social Networks is an art! And like all artists, Our social media marketing agency has more than one trick up its sleeve to assist you every step of the way to setting up and carrying out a successful digital communication campaign. Get in touch!