At the beginning of 2020, Abiolabs – the Natec Medical group – contacts Beyond Communications to help on one of their new projects. Already well established on the Mauritian market, the group has new ambitions and is looking to create the island’s first DNA testing service. This is a major challenge only lacking one thing: an identity.

Our team overflows with creative ideas and can’t wait to take up this new challenge!

Challenge: Shaping a professional yet modern identity for a brand-new DNA testing service.


  • Naming
  • Logo
  • Design of the packaging
  • Brand guidelines

Like all great stories, that of Abiolabs and Beyond Communications starts with a meeting. The agency’s methodology is discussed, its services presented and explained, and a few ideas exchanged following the client brief. Impressed, Abiolabs wishes to get on with the project as soon as possible!

Here we are, embarked on this new adventure! Our Project Manager – Com’ is quick to share the crispy details with the whole team, hereby announcing the start of the project.

To give life to the new service, we must first find it a name. Our two Copywriters are quickly called upon; they use the magic of words that only they know to find a simple yet original name, something both meaningful and attractive.

A few proposals are quickly selected and our magicians pass the baton on to the design team, in charge of creating a logo and a few packaging mock-ups for each name option.

Bright colours, elegant shapes and exquisite graphic elements, perfectly do the trick! The results are rather eye-catching; our Project Manager – Com’ eagerly present them to Abiolabs and it’s love at first sight!

The client is seduced by ORIGENE, an interesting and dynamic contraction between the terms “Origin” and “Gene”, perfectly illustrating the new brand’s sector of activity. This is supported by the “Powered by Abiolabs” endorsement, establishing a link with the Mauritian medical group and giving it additional credibility.

Upon approval of the first option, our Designers quickly complete and refine the design of the packaging as per the client’s request, while developing a set of brand guidelines for the new identity.

With the product now on the market, we are proud to share with you our work on this exciting project! Our experts are always on the lookout for creative challenges like this one, it’s a real pleasure to have the client’s trust.