Mauritian interior design firm, Space has always done its best to #golocal, working in collaboration with a selection of talented Mauritian professionals. In June 2020, Space called on Beyond Communications to develop some of its communications tools and hence increase its visibility in Mauritius.

Challenge: Highlighting the company’s services and projects to increase brand visibility.


  • Project management
  • Portfolio
    • Copywriting
    • Graphic style
    • Layout
  • Website
    • Proofreading & optimisation
    • Photoshooting of the firm’s latest projects, offices and team
    • Design
    • Development
  • Social media management

With a chock-full to-do list and some pretty tight deadlines, our Project Manager – Com’ seeks the help of a few colleagues to work with her on Space’s various projects.

Our Franglish Copywriter is the first one involved, bringing her expertise in writing content for the company’s portfolio presentation. This document, intended for partners and future clients, is meant to be a real sales tool! It must clearly reflect the diversity of Space’s projects and the talent of its creative team.

Meanwhile, one of our Graphic Designers works on the presentation’s graphic style. Together with our Art Director, our colleagues opt for something simple and uncluttered; a modern design using the neutral colours of their visual identity to highlight the beautifully colourful pictures illustrating Space’s various projects.

These two steps completed, we can move on to the layout. Our Copywriter sends the texts through to our Graphic Designer, so he can integrate them to the design and generate a first version of the presentation, to be shared with the client for approval.

After a few back-and-forths between our team and that of Space, the presentation is finalised and approved. On to the next project!

Next on the list, the website. Yet another very important sales tool, requiring long hours of work and careful attention to detail. Our Copywriter is once again on duty to proofread & optimise the existing texts, which she then pass on to one of our Multimedia Designers.

On their side, our Project Manager – Com’, Photographer and Art Director, organise a photoshoot of Space’s latest projects, offices and team – shots that will be used to illustrate and dynamise the website’s different sections. Armed with a moodboard, our colleagues are ready to go!

In the meantime, our Multimedia Designer works on the website’s layout. She finds her inspiration in the work of her colleague on the company’s portfolio presentation, thereby ensuring harmony between all of Space’s communication tools.

With the client’s approval on the design, it is time to develop the website. This is the most complex and time-consuming phase, a task requiring a lot of concentration and personal investment from our colleague. Luckily, she is an expert in the field and does her job perfectly.

Here we are, website successfully launched! Our Community Managers, already hard at work on Space’s social media for the past few months, can now share the link to the new website with the firm’s digital community.

Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, the objective is the same: to create awareness of Space among Mauritians and foreigners wishing to live or open a business in Mauritius. To this end, our colleagues create various social media campaigns highlighting Space’s different projects over the past years, in order to attract more clients and partners.

Our team enjoyed assisting Space in the development of its communication tools – an experience rewarded by the client’s positive feedback.