A week to work on the December edition of La Graysette

Distributor of a selection of local and international brands, ranging from alcoholic beverages to cosmetics and cleaning products, Grays has always been paying special attention to its internal communication, aiming to bring its employees together with its bi-annual magazine, La Graysette.

Since 2017, the company trusts Beyond Communications to help with the relooking of its newsletter, as well as the writing of all articles and the design & layout of each edition. Working on the dozen or so pages forming La Graysette has always been a pleasure for our team. In December 2019, pleasure came to mix with a fair amount of pressure…

Challenge: Writing content for, and laying out, a 16-page magazine in just a week, at the end of the year!


  • Project management
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Printing

It’s early December 2019, a few days from the holiday season. While most of our colleagues are busy finalising their latest projects (the most proactive can even be spotted already planning the new year!), our Communications & PR Executive is called on to work on the second and last edition of La Graysette 2019. The client having had other priorities in November, we find ourselves with very tight deadlines as hundreds of magazines are to be printed and delivered to Grays in only a couple weeks! With some 7 days allocated to printing, we only have a few days left to write content for, and shape, La Graysette…

Not the type to chicken out, our colleague puts on her Project Manager slash Copywriter cap and wastes no time in tackling the project. And what a project! As opposed to the usual 12 pages forming La Graysette, the December edition includes 16. More pages means more work for our Communications & PR Executive, who has to organise interviews with over a dozen of Grays’ employees, in order to gather the necessary information to write the different articles. As for our Mac Operator, who always works meticulously on the layout of La Graysette, he will only be granted 2 little days to get the job done, instead of the precious 4 he’s used to. Needless to say, every minute counts!  

Once our Communications & PR Executive is done writing the texts, she gets them approved by Grays, taking this opportunity to collect all the pictures we need to produce the December edition of La Graysette. Equipped with all necessary elements, our Mac Operator gets on with the layout of the newsletter.

A good amount of pressure and a few back-and-forths later, with deadlines that can’t stop sounding unrealistic, the phone rings. Shouts of joy from our Communications & PR Executive: “La Graysette has been approved”!

Our Mac Operator wastes no time in preparing the printing file, which must be sent through at the earliest for La Graysette to be delivered and distributed on time. Fortunately, our colleague is used to working under pressure!

End result? Kudos to our team, who was able to get the job done in record time. What with the client’s positive feedback, our colleagues are all smiles and looking forward to working on the next edition of La Graysette. (Ideally with some more time on their hands, of course…)