It’s been four years since a trust relationship has been established between Beyond Communications and MUA; four years since we were assigned the design of the company’s precious annual report.

To nurture this professional relationship, our team takes care to always adapt to the client’s evolving needs.

This year, in addition to the usual challenges brought about by annual reports, we also face the complexities of working in remote, due to the national confinement imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Challenge: Working on an annual report in rather unusual and quite complex conditions.


  • Project management
  • Design and layout
  • Printing
  • Conceptualising and developing the microsite

In February 2020, our team is ready to embark this already familiar adventure. Choosing the experts who’ll be working on MUA’s annual report is thus obvious and made without delay – after all, you never change a winning team!

From the outset, the kick-off meeting reveals some of the difficulties we will have to face when working on this project. This year, the deadlines are particularly tight, and we cannot afford to waste any time. Brainstorming, team meetings, task allocation… everything moves quickly, according to the Project Manager’s schedule.

Just when our team thinks we’re done with the drama, having overcome the obstacles blocking our path, an unprecedented health crisis hits the whole planet, plunging our country into complete lockdown. As a result, we end up completing the project from home.

To do so successfully, we keep in touch with the client on a daily basis – which is not always easy given the circumstances. What with the delays in the project’s execution, the texts that seem to play hard to get, and the new challenges that appear… it seems we’re not yet out of the woods! While organising a photoshoot during lock down is unthinkable, so is the possibility of not including the profile pics of some of MUA’s directors in the 2020 annual report. What to do, which decision to take?

One thing’s certain, our experts aren’t ready to give up and do their best to find solutions to each and every problem raised. Information is processed, analysed and used to good effect, with the client’s approval. What’s more, the photoshoot eventually takes place after the members of our team receive their Work Access Permits and necessary legal authorisations to meet MUA’s directors at their domiciles.

Aware of the challenges they faced and their impact on the project, our Graphic Designers make great efforts to successfully carry out the project. Even at a distance, they work together on a design that aligns with the client’s new identity – a meticulous task carefully undertaken by our experts!

In June 2020, the project is completed to the satisfaction of the client. Our team can be proud to have taken up such a challenge, especially considering the great outcome. Though it was not an easy ride, it definitely helped in testing our ability to adapt and innovate, as well as our dedication. Thank you MUA for your comprehension and good collaboration throughout this project. Until next year!