New website for Navitas

Established in Mauritius for over 10 years, Navitas specialises in a variety of corporate services.

Over time, the group has evolved and decides, in 2019, to review its positioning. Navitas calls upon Beyond Communications to provide help and guidance on this project.

Challenge: helping an already well-established Mauritian company to revitalise its website, in order to strengthen its positioning in the eyes and minds of its audience.


  • Proposing a new sitemap
  • Restructuring existing content according to the new architecture
  • Proofreading and optimising existing English and French texts
  • Organising a photoshoot of the team members to illustrate the “About Navitas” page
  • Designing all pages and improving the ease of navigation
  • Developing the website in two languages

For Navitas, a new website is synonymous with a new sitemap to improve its professional approach and the user-friendliness of its main communication platform. A job perfectly cut out for our Brand & Communications Strategist, helped by one of our Project Manager – Com’. It’s about coming up with a more optimal website structure for an easy and more direct navigation, focusing on audiences rather than services.

After a few back-and-forths between Navitas and our Project Manager – Com’, the new sitemap is finalised and approved. Our Copywriter can now get started!

First things first, restructuring the existing content and regrouping all relevant information under the appropriate headings. To do so, our Copywriter meets with one of Navitas’ Executive Directors and together they go through the existing English texts to identify what goes where and consequently what can be removed altogether. Once that’s done, our Copywriter starts proofreading and optimising the texts, which she then sends through to Navitas for approval.

A few back-and-forths later, the English version of Navitas’ website texts is ready! The French version comes next, first with the restructuring of the existing content, followed by the proofreading and optimisation of the French texts.

Meanwhile, our Project Manager – Com’ and our Photographer pay a little visit to Navitas’ team members, to carry out a photoshoot to illustrate the “About Navitas” page. Our Photographer then takes care to sort out, select and edit the relevant pictures, applying themes and effects so the photos can be used on the website.

Then comes our Graphic Designer! He’s been working on the design of the website from the very beginning and is now ready to move on to the layout stage. This involves inserting the texts, integrating the pictures, and working on an attractive and user-friendly website presentation. This phase of the project also requires the input of our Art Director, who ensures everything is visually P.E.R.F.E.C.T before the designed versions of the website’s different pages are sent through to Navitas for approval.

Our creatives are soon rewarded when, only a few days later, the design is approved and applauded by Navitas’ CEO and Executive Directors. Kudos to our talented team members!

It is now the turn of our Multimedia Designer to embark the project. Her task is to develop the whole website in both English and French – it is the most meticulous of the lot; time consuming and requiring much focus. Fortunately, our colleague is an expert and gets the work done in time, making it look like it’s as easy as pie.

Here we are, Navitas’ website is now LIVE! Check it out 😉