Presenting Clinglobal's various services

Established in Mauritius since 2016, Clinglobal offers a selection of research solutions to the global animal health community. In 2020, the company calls on Beyond Communications to design two corporate brochures, one for its subsidiary, Clingvet, and the second for the parent brand itself.

Challenge: facilitating the comprehension of scientific information through a colourful layout and the creation of dynamic infographics.


  • Project management
  • Graphic style
  • Design
  • Layout
  • Technical base

The client’s instructions are clear: we need to design an interactive e-brochure, in PDF format, to present Clinglobal’s various services. With only two weeks to go, our Project Manager – Com’ requests the help of three colleagues from the design department: a Graphic Designer to work on the graphic style and infographics, our Mac Operator for the layout, and our Art Director to take care of the artistic follow-up.

Let’s go! Our Graphic Designer is the first one involved. After conducting some research and benchmarking, he starts working on the graphic style and infographics, to make Clinglobal’s brochure easily understandable and more dynamic.

A few back-and-forths later, our design proposal is approved by the dynamic duo, featuring our Project Manager – Com’ and our Art Director. Our Mac Operator can now take over from the Graphic Designer and get on with the layout.  

The clock is ticking, with only a few days left before the PDF brochure has to be sent through to Clinglobal for approval. Luckily, our colleague knows how to work under pressure and wastes no time in getting started! With all visual elements in hand – texts, pictures, graphics, icons… – our Mac Operator gives life to Clinglobal’s brochure in a matter of days.

Once the brochure is ready, our Project Manager – Com’ shares the document with the client and awaits his revert patiently. A few hours later, we have ourselves a small list of changes to be made in order to perfect the brochure.

After a few back-and-forths between our team and Clinglobal, the final version sees light of day a few hours before we’re due to meet the deadline. Kudos to our collaborators, who once again proved they could #GoBeyond to reach their goals!

All in all, working with Clinglobal was a pleasant experience. Our colleagues are already looking forward to designing the next brochure in a few months times 🙂