Beyond Communications comprises a team of public relations practitioners with deep knowledge of the Mauritian press and its key allies, journalists and editors in chief, excellent interpersonal and writing skills.


What is Beyond Communications’ working process when it comes to public relations?
  • Understanding the client’s public relations request
  • Choosing the type of support: monthly basis or one-off campaigns/events
  • Strategic meetings with the client to determine what needs to be communicated throughout the campaign or on a monthly basis
  • Writing the press release
  • Sending the final version of the press release to a selection of journalists
  • Following up with journalists
  • Sending press clippings as and when

Preparing press books on a quarterly basis for retainer clients or following a campaign/event Public Relations (PR), also known as press relations, represents an opportunity to create a relationship between a brand and the media. The very essence of this communication lies in its name – it is clearly about building a relationship with the press and its key allies, the journalists. As in any kind of personal relationship, a relationship with the press requires constant interaction with journalists, so that a specific brand can stay in their top of mind at all times. This maximises a company’s chances that journalists will call on it should they need an expert’s advice or input in view of a specific business file relating to that brand’s activity sector. PR provides credible information, as well as free and qualitative visibility.

In a democratic country like Mauritius, the press having freedom of speech means that communications agencies and public relations entities cannot, in any way, guarantee that journalists will diffuse the news shared with them nor the quality and format of the resulting articles. This requires real human energy from public relations practitioners to effectively relay their clients’ news and information, so they attract journalists’ interest.

As a global communications agency offering A to Z PR services in Mauritius, Beyond Communications has a PR/Content department comprising a team of copywriters who write in both English and French, a group of public relations practitioners with deep knowledge of the media, who strive to offer companies good visibility and improved reputation.  

Although it is not possible for communications and public relations agencies to control the relay of their clients’ information by the press, they are more likely to attract journalists’ interest and encourage the release of specific articles, thanks the good relationships they build with the press on a daily basis. At Beyond Communications, our communications experts offer two types of public relations support: monthly basis and one-off campaigns/events.

Support on a monthly basis is mainly aimed at companies that have recurring information to communicate. For instance, publicly traded companies and multi-sector groups can greatly benefit from public relations services to help format and disseminate their news and other information to journalists. To do so, we regularly organise meetings with our clients to discuss the information they want to communicate and identify the areas of communication that may be of interest to journalists. We work on press releases and have them approved by our clients before sharing them with our press contacts, then follow up with the journalists to optimise press coverage until the information is outdated or no longer worth diffusing. To measure results, we send press clippings to our clients as and when, as well as quarterly press books with all articles shared with, and published by, the press over the period.  

One-off support, on the other hand, is recommended for launches and is essential in the event of a crisis. Beyond Communications strives to understand all its PR clients’ specific public relations needs and recommends the best strategy to adopt according to a specific issue.

Writing press releases and organising press conferences, developing key relationships with a group of journalists, media monitoring… These things take time, a luxury you don’t necessarily benefit from. That’s why we’re here!