Mauritian group with an international presence, CIEL is also a family-owned company with activities spreading across 6 key sectors: agriculture, finance, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and textiles.

In 2020, following the national lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the new reporting options proposed by the relevant authorities, CIEL calls upon Beyond Communications to help digitalise its integrated report.

Challenge: Producing a fully digital integrated report well incorporated into the client’s new website, over just a few months.


  • Strategic and creative thinking
  • Project management
  • Conceptualising the report in PDF format
    • Design and layout
    • Interactive PDFs
  • Video interview of the CEO
  • Microsite
    • Design
    • Development

Following the call for tenders received from CIEL in view of its 2020 integrated report, our team wastes no time in getting started! Our Managing Director, Project Manager – Com’ and Brand & Communications Strategist, meet for a big strategic and creative brainstorming session, to identify the various options to adopt when it comes to the information to put forward and its visual presentation, as well as in terms of the simplest and user-friendliest way of accessing it.

After several hours discussing the project and as a result of all the efforts of our Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Art Director, our design and budget proposals come to life…

Impressed, CIEL’s team enthusiastically approves the collaboration. Once again, there’s not a minute to spare! While our Project Manager – Com’ takes over the project, developing a detailed retro planning and action plan, our Brand & Communications Strategist starts briefing the various project participants.

First things first, applying the design approved by CIEL to the remaining sections of the integrated report. To do so, our Graphic Designer needs the final versions of all texts, graphics, diagrams, figures… to format the report. The interactive PDFs are then generated and sent through to CIEL for approval.

Meanwhile, our Project Manager – Com’ and our Videographer work on the video interview of the CEO. They advise the client on the key issues to address, as well as the style and tone-of-voice to adopt, prepping him as best as they can for the shooting. After a few attempts, it’s a wrap! As soon as he gets back to the office, our Videographer starts sorting out the different shots before getting on with the editing of the video.

With all necessary elements at her disposal, our Multimedia Designer comes into play. It’s now time to bring the microsite to live! After downloading all interactive PDFs and other visual elements, our colleague sets about developing the site intended to host CIEL’s 2020 integrated report. She then conducts quick series of tests to ensure the responsiveness of the platform, before the link is sent through to the client.

And we’re DONE – what a rewarding experience! Discover the report here 😉