Associated Textiles has been manufacturing and marketing a wide range of customised linens & home accessories since 1989, to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants and individuals. In June 2020, in order to modernise and improve its communication, the company calls on Beyond Communications to review its website texts.

Challenge: giving a storytelling touch to the textual content forming the website of a company specialising in the manufacturing and marketing of linens & home accessories.


  • Project management
  • Proofreading & optimising existing English texts
  • Writing content for empty website sections
  • Translating English texts to French

Approached by Associated Textiles’ Project Manager for bilingual copywriting services, our Managing Director calls on our Frenglish Copywriter to handle the project from beginning to end.

Once briefed, our colleague gets in touch with the client to introduce herself and collect the existing English texts and other information needed to write content for Associated Textiles’ new website.

This is followed by long hours studying and tidying up the existing content, before proofreading & optimising them, making sure to stay consistent in the writing of the different pages. This editorial task also requires a good deal of research, to help our Copywriter familiarise with the various products manufactured and marketed by Associated Textiles and make her texts “dreamier” and in line with to the world of linens & home accessories.

After some back-and-forths and a few new paragraphs to write, the English texts are approved. Our Copywriter then takes care to combine proofread & optimised texts and written content, compiling everything into a single document for translation.

If it sounds like a quick and easy problem to solve, this mission is actually more complex and time consuming than the previous ones. Beyond the translation of content, it is a real research exercise to find the French equivalents of the various products and their specs. Additionally, our Copywriter needs to work the storytelling of the French version in a style and tone-of-voice conform to that of the English texts – a task proving rather difficult given the significant differences between the two languages. What with the hurdle of translating texts you’ve written yourself, the job becomes quite challenging!

Fortunately, our Frenglish Copywriter can count on her colleague, expert in the writing of francophone content, to proofread & optimise the French version of Associated Textiles’ website texts. She must make sure that the words used are appropriate and the overall content makes sense, and of course that no spelling mistakes have found their way into the texts.

Once finalised, the French texts are sent through to the client for approval. We receive the go ahead on V1 a few weeks later – kudos to our collaborators for the excellent work 😉

Our Frenglish Copywriter says she learned a lot working on this project, and also enjoyed working with Associated Textiles, a client with whom collaboration felt more like friendship than a conventional client-service provider relationship.

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