Leader in the distribution of household appliances and mobile telephony, and owner of Galaxy in Mauritius, The Brand House identified its CSR objectives in October 2019. With this in mind, The Brand House’s marketing manager calls on Beyond Communications to share with the press the Group’s ambitions and projects as a corporate citizen.

Challenge: Sharing the CSR ambitions of a large Mauritian company with local journalists.


  • Project management
  • Press relations
    • Writing content for, and sending through, a communiqué to the Mauritian press
    • Following up with journalists
    • Facilitating interviews
  • Media monitoring
    • Keeping an eye out for, and sending through, articles released in the press
    • Compiling a press book to be sent through at the end of the collaboration

As soon as our quote is approved, our PR Executive gets to work! She starts by collecting from The Brand House the necessary information to draft the press release, before sorting out the most important elements to facilitate the writing process.

A few back-and-forths later, the press release is approved – it’s time to get in touch with journalists to share with them The Brand House’s communiqué. CSR being a rather tricky topic, the task of our PR Executive proves challenging. Fortunately, she is not one to give up and does her best to ensure maximum exposure for our client.

After a meticulous follow-up and a few interview proposals from our PR Executive, we are pleased to read the first few articles released on The Brand House. With a sense of renewed motivation, our colleague continues phoning journalists, encouraging them to disseminate the news in order to optimise our client’s visibility.

Our PR Executive takes care to always keep the client informed of the project’s progress. She shares with The Brand House all articles released in the various newspapers and magazines, as well as on different web platforms; gives feedback on journalists’ response; and explains the action plan for the coming days.

In the end, four beautiful articles discussing The Brand House’s CSR ambitions are released. With all of them in her possession, our PR Executive compiles the pressbook and sends it through to the client. Given the difficulty of pushing this type of topics in the press, we are pleased with the outcome and happy to have worked with this client for the first time.