Beyond Communications offers script writing & voice-over recording services for all kinds of communication platforms: phone, radio, animated video, short films… We provide individuals and companies with a cutting-edge technology to help them boost their business in one go!

What is Beyond Communications’ working process when it comes to the conception of voice overs?

  • Understanding the client’s voice over needs
  • Identifying the relevant communication channels to use
  • Writing a script in a style and tone of voice that align with the client’s brand universe
  • Finding the right voice artist
  • Recording the voice-over
  • Producing the soundtrack

Voice-over is an audio communication tool that’s not very commonly used in Mauritius. Many are the people who’re unaware that, in addition to its importance in the production of videos, movies and short films of all kinds, voice-over also offers other advantages. More and more today, voice-over is used for marketing purposes by individuals and companies looking to share commercial or promotional messages with their audience. Voice-over offers real opportunities to communicate simply but surely any bits of information that can interest customers: latest news and developments, events, promotions, recruitment… Anything’s possible!

Using voice-over for pre-recorded messages
Aimed primarily at companies whose employees spend a lot of time on the phone with customers and other stakeholders, pre-recorded messages present real opportunities to communicate a selection of strategic messages to your clients, while they wait for one of your colleagues to spare them some time. Save your clients waiting endlessly for you to pick up the receiver and use this daily flow of calls to talk about your brand and company activities. One thing’s certain, these pre-recorded messages will bring about a real return on investment!

Using voice-over for audio announcements (radio and/or videos)
Reaching all companies that have a variety of messages to communicate to both their employees and customers or other stakeholders, audio ads benefit all kinds of businesses: supermarkets, news agencies, factories, banks, advertising agencies… They provide a pool of opportunities to creatively and effectively communicate a variety of targeted messages, thanks to an innovative script and professional voice-over, complete with strategically placed sound effects and cleverly-chosen music.

At Beyond Communications, our voice portfolio targets a large number of companies with a variety of different needs. To perfect each of our clients’ soundtrack, we offer a selection of musical backgrounds that are perfect to fit your brand image, and guarantee pleasant sound quality and beautiful voices that will know exactly how to convey your messages. With us, finding the perfect voice-over to create the exact soundtrack you have in mind is as easy as pie!

In our communications agency, project managers and copywriters, under the supervision of our artistic director, offer complete design & creation support for all types of voice-overs. Whether in English or French, sometimes even in Creole for small requests, we know just how to meet our clients’ communications objectives, irrespective of the company’s brand universe. Our creatives start with an in-dept study of the customer’s voice-over needs, before identifying the communications channels to use to share the message. They then work on the script that will effectively promote it and focus on finding the right voice artist to impersonate your company’s identity and maximize the reach of your message. Finally, we move on to the creation with the recording of the voice-over, before actually producing the soundtrack.

Need voice over services?

At Beyond, we understand people don’t have the time to look for information and need everything in a matter of minutes, even seconds. This is why we assist you in communicating simply but surely any bits of information that might interest your customers, whether it’s through pre-recorded phone messages, radio announcements, video voice-overs… Ready to boost your business in one go?