Community Manager, un métier ?

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To be Community Manager is above all to have Communication and Marketing skills. You must also (and above all) be passionate about social networks and for that you must be ultra-connected … Almost all the time! Even when you sleep you see likes that pop up sometimes.

Understanding your client and putting yourself in their place

To fully understand the demands of brands and translate them into effective marketing actions, we discuss a lot with our customers on their short and medium term objectives. We meet them regularly, we visit points of sale and we also participate in events. We study their missions, their sector of activity and the universe in which they evolve – through benchmarks in particular -, we analyze their brands or their service, without forgetting the essential when talking about brand content: we strive understand the behavior of their target and their market to adapt the message.

The community is to the Community Manager what the target is to the seller.

We want to make life easier for our customers who make the (very good) choice of delegating the management of their social networks to a communication agency. Eh yes ! With the emergence of digital and the development of Social Media platforms, the relationship between the brand and its audience is certainly faster, but it is nonetheless complex. These media are very sensitive because they offer direct exposure to the brand and invite the community to interact with it and express themselves freely.

We therefore have to speak on behalf of our customers and for that, we have to assimilate their values ​​and adopt the right tone of voice when speaking to their targets. And of course, it is important to know the media on which we are evolving; inevitably, we will not share the same messages and we will not write in the same way to our Facebook community, as to our LinkedIn subscribers.


Strategy, benchmark, brainstorming…

As good Marketers, we brainstorm as a team regularly and define the strategies to adopt for our pages. We will find the best Facebook trends (technical or design) and review the new features. At the same time, as the expectations of Internet users are changing quickly, you have to be very flexible to changes and bounce back constantly. And necessarily, the visitor of a page for a brand of energy drinks does not have the same expectations as that of a page of luxury villas, but one thing is certain: they expect quality content and c is what we guarantee as an agency.

On gère à ce jour plus de 40 pages (Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn). Heureusement, nous avons la chance de travailler dans une agence de communication jeune avec une équipe de digital natives qui ne manque pas de créativité et n’oublie jamais de partager sa trouvaille du week-end !


Pas de visibilité, pas de retour. Pas de retour… pas de retour !

Aujourd’hui les réseaux sociaux, en particulier Facebook, sont saturés de marques et les messages publicitaires pullulent ! Il faut impérativement se démarquer pour ne pas être mis au placard.

Le travail du designer a ici toute son importance : retouches d’images, création de visuels, animation ou montage vidéos… Il sera briefé pour mettre le message en avant de façon esthétique et attrayante. Le copywriter, quant à lui, va peaufiner les textes dans la bonne mesure, pour que ce ne soit ni plus ni moins que ce qu’il faut ; parce que les réseaux sociaux ont leurs codes (eh oui !). Sans compter les recherches, les meetings et les déplacements, en moyenne créer une dizaine de publications Facebook nous prend près de deux jours de travail.

After that, it’s the preparation of the boosts. In common language, these are paid publications to reach more people. We always recommend an amount according to the objectives of the publication: Generate sales? Generate more traffic to the site? Encourage people to go to an event? etc. It may seem simple like that, but for there to be real feedback and for it to work well, you have to be rigorous and analytical.
The Community Manager sometimes has schizophrenic moments, when he goes from managing a page for a brand of diaper pants to that of a bank…

In day-to-day, it is therefore the work of the Community Manager who will therefore ‘manage the community’: analyze the activities of the page, respond to messages and comments and of course rave about the extraordinary number of likes that “his work” has generated! But it is also its role to integrate the crispy publications that fall during the month (and yes we are at a loss and we bend over backwards to adjourn our pages and satisfy our customers and their community. True story). In short, our days are often… hectic.

At the end of the month, it’s the verdict! Statistical analysis, insight, report… And repeat.


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