Dodo Trail 2018 : we did it! (presque…)

Steep climbs and arduous descents. Mud and sweat. Scorching sun and concrete legs. Sunday July 8, it was the most anticipated trail of the year: the Dodo Trail . Marie-Laure and Valentine tell you about the Social Media coverage of this event, as trying as it is exhilarating.

Covering an event is a three-step process: before, during, after. It sounds obvious said like that, but believe us it’s an or-ga-ni-sa-tion.

Several months before D-Day, we did not wear our #SocialDodo bibs and put on our Community Managers shoes . Strategy, customer relations, management and moderation, monitoring visual creations with our darling Girish, content creation … And many other tasks that mark the day-to-day of a Community Manager more than committed and motivated to reach new heights .

And then, before we even realize it, it’s almost D-DAY. ” It’s not true !? Is it ALREADY in two weeks? »- and there, the back and forth, the planning preparation. And hop. Already there !
Friday: Cocktail – Saturday: bib delivery + briefing – Sunday: D-DAY!

Raised at the dawn of the new day, while Marie-Laure puts away the chargers and other gadgets, Valentine posts the specially prepared cover and responds to the latest comments. Direction Riverland.

As soon as we arrive, the #SocialDodo that we are, are already starting to warm up: evaluation of the terrain, identification of supply points, checklist of essential items… Admittedly, we haven’t put on our traileuse shoes, but we are ready to run .

Between going back and forth to the ROAG tent to know the progress of star runners, the challenge of doing two things at once – like a trail runner who despite the effort still manages to rave of the landscape -, cramps incessant during the 30-minute lives to capture the crisp details… Almost the impression of having run the Xtreme Dodo Trail, we tell you! Come on … lied.

But we will not complain, because working on such an event is above all exciting and exciting. Without forgetting that we had the pleasure of savoring good coconut water as an aperitif, living a magical atmosphere and immersing ourselves in the world of trail running… We almost wanted to get started. If you missed that, don’t worry, you’ll catch up next year.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see you on the start line 😉

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