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EMPLOYER BRANDING: When candidates turn into headhunters!

Employer Branding

On today’s job market, job seekers are looking for much more than a simple job! They want something meaningful, a company that aligns with their values and resonates with their identity.

Developing an employer brand has become an essential component of HR departments’ strategies!

Motivated by both psychological and emotional factors, those attuned to the market are becoming increasingly sensitive to companies messages…

What is an employer brand? ?

More and more popular in HR marketing, the employer brand encapsulates all facets of a company’s identity (= the employer); its culture, values, competitive advantage…

It allows a company to differentiate itself from its competitors and establish its market position, initially targeting employees before ultimately influencing clients.

Actions speak louder than words

An excellent employer brand strategy is the key to attracting and retaining top talent!

Here are some key steps to achieve the best results:

  1. Evaluate your employer brand
  1. Establish your positioning and value proposition
  1. Develop an action plan*

* Implementing actions such as a well-referenced website, a strong social media presence, excellent responsiveness, key partnerships, impactful communication campaigns, a warm reception, promoting respect and well-being at work… all contribute to the success of your employer brand strategy ?

5 things to know about employer branding

  1. All companies have one
  1. It reflects a company’s identity and vision
  2. It constitutes a significant competitive advantage
  3. It’s a structured process with well-defined stages
  4. It focuses on employees but also impacts clients

We ♥ Mazars

Audit firm Mazars, in France, has truly embraced and effectively grasped the concept of an employer brand!

Their animated film, their web series “Vie De Mazars” and the “Pitch in The Cab” interviews showcased on their YouTube channel, have set them apart from their competitors.

See for yourself ??

Ready to jump on the band wagon?

Beyond Com’ assists you in implementing your employer brand campaign.

Our offer

  • Developing a positioning strategy
  • Creating visual and textual content
  • Social media management
  • Sharing job offers on relevant professional platforms
  • Developing, launching, managing and adapting recruitment campaigns on & offline
  • Targeting
  • Analysing and communicating results

Our results

  • An excellent reputation on the market
  • A strong positioning that generates feelings of trust and belonging amongst your employees
  • Increased visibility of your job offers
  • Improved responsiveness on social media
  • A selection of intriguing profiles
  • Assured success of your recruitment campaigns

Don’t take our word for it, check what our clients have to say ??

“What a pleasure it’s been working with Beyond for a year now! Always attentive, available and caring, the team quickly understood our needs!

The icing on the cake: their charming offices where they always welcome us with a cheerful attitude!”

Julie Mamet

Communication Manager at iQera