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The Copywriter: A valuable marketing asset for your company

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Ever heard of copywriting? Copywriting refers to the art of using words to write attractively effective content, designed to promote a brand, a product or a service.

Born in print advertising, copywriting is now also used online: emails, websites, social media, newsletters, brochures…

The main objective of any written communication about a brand, a product or a service, is to create a strong emotion amongst its audience. Copywriting is used to encourage an audience to act – which is where the “call to action” comes into play.

The Copywriter’s role is to influence an audience in making a particular decision – subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing something, adopting a certain point of view… Whether it’s a tagline for an advert, or content for a corporate brochure, the words used play a very important role”,explains Marie-Laure, Senior Copywriter at Beyond Communications.

Let’s not, however, confuse “writing” with “copywriting”. As simple as it may sound, copywriting is a real skill requiring professional and personal qualities, first and foremost!

Just because you know how to write doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a Copywriter. Copywriting is the art of humanising a brand and creating the buzz around its products & services – it’s about having real impact!

Copywriting strives to boost a brand’s results using tailor-made content. It’s about drawing up a portrait of your ideal customer and doing everything you can to meet all their needs and expectations.

The Copywriter must “understand the company’s DNA and use its language to create the right kind of emotion”, concludes Marie-Laure. 

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