Website Design & Development Mauritius

Beyond Communications offers companies global website support, going from design to website development and launch.

What methodology does Beyond Communications use when it comes to websites?

  • Understanding the client’s request in terms of website
  • Analysing what the company does
  • Analysing existing information
  • Proposing a sitemap with rubrics
  • Choosing the writing style and adapting the content’s tone of voice to the target market
  • Writing, proofreading and correcting texts
  • Designing the website based on the approved sitemap
  • Integrating texts and photos
  • Purchasing the domain name
  • Developing the website
  • Hosting

The Internet offers new communication opportunities, with considerable cost advantages when compared to traditional media. Considering the Internet has recently become the third most used communication channel in Mauritius, when the population was still using traditional communication a little while ago, Mauritian companies have everything to gain by having an online presence. Furthermore, unlike other media, the web is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, allowing companies to expand their field of prospection and improve their visibility opportunities. A presence on the web is therefore of the utmost importance, and it starts with the company’s website.  

The website is the company’s own communication channel. It allows the brand to communicate all it has to share with its target market and to acquire a certain credibility in the audience’s mind. Today, the smallest requests are put through the web, with the information being available at the click of a mouse. Thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a company can optimise its ranking and thus its visibility on the web.  

The main advantage of having a website is benefiting from measurable data, which enables an organisation to get insights into the kind of information that triggers its visitors’ interest, the pages they tend to visit more frequently, the average time they spend browsing the web and so on. 

As a website development and design agency in Mauritius, Beyond Communications offers companies A to Z web development and web design services in Mauritius. Our communication, graphic design, copywriting and website development experts put together their different skills to create the website that will become the brand’s first showcase. From the architecture to website development, including web design and content writing, based on the identified SEO keywords, Beyond Communications strives to optimally communicate the company’s brand universe to its audience. To do so, our communications specialists interact with the company, focusing on understanding what it is and what it offers. Following an internal analysis and a benchmark of websites of similar companies on a local and international scale, they will propose a structure – also known as the sitemap – under which all the information that has been gathered and/or received then processed will be grouped. The content is written and formatted in a style that aligns with the brand universe, in a tone of voice adapted to its different audiences. Simultaneously, the design team prepares the graphical layout into which the content will be inserted before it is passed on to the web developer, who will optimally launch the website online.

Need website services?

Looking for A to Z website services to create awareness of your brand and interact with your audience? You’re on the right page! Beyond offers everything from design & content writing to website development, assisting you in creating a quality website you can be proud of.